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College Students: We are located just minutes from the University of Pittsburgh, Titusville and C1arion University, as well as being within a reasonable distance of Edinboro, Grove City, and Slippery Rock Universities. Bring your school I.D. in for 10% off games and accessories.

Middle and High School Students: See the bottom of this page for info about our Academic Achievers Award.

WHY SHOULD YOUR OUTBACK ADVENTURES BE LIMITED TO THE SUMMERTIME? Now you can keep your adventures going year round. OUTBACK ADVENTURES is pleased to announce that we are now retailing a large selection of the best and most popular board, card and role-playing games the world over. From the Mensa Select winners "Dominion" , "Qwirkle" and "Magic: The Gathering"  to the classic Spiel des Jahres (German Game of the Year; a highly esteemed award) "Carcassonne" and "The Settlers of Catan" to industry and trade fair award winners, the most notable award being GAMA's (Game Manufacturers Assoc.) Origins award. We are also trying to stock some of the best family, educational and developmental games available for younger audiences as well because the social activity and critical thinking challenges offered by playing games are vital to the educational development of children. So, instead of another bored night relying on a television set for entertainment, clear off the dining table or a patch of a flooring for an evening of something different and enlightening.

The games we sell are mostly from small, independent companies that do not distribute to large retailers. The board games of today differ greatly from the board games of the past, combining elements of what were called "bookshelf" games which usually had more complicated strategies and longer turn sequences than just rolling a die, moving your pawn, and passing to the next player. While most games are competitive, there are several games that emphasize co­operation and teamwork so that everyone acheives victory. Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games is an excellent example of a co­operative victory boardgame.

Many of the strategical board games are historical in their premises. While some are generalized, like Catan, others like Pillars of the Earth, based on the novel by Ken Follett about the construction of Kingsbridge Cathedral in England, work to simulate or recreate historical events. Several of these types of games deal with resource aqcuistion, management and utilization encouraging entreprenurial and economic strategies.

Role­playing games (RPGs) are also very group oriented. Generally, one person, a gamemaster, narrates a story for a group of 2–6 player characters whose actions and choices collectively tell an epic story of heroic feats. The industry leader for over 30 years has been the game Dungeons & Dragons published by Wizards of the Coast and now in it's 4th edition. It is a game of heroic fantasy set in an age of magic and legend, but there are several other games with genres including contemporary and futuristic settings. Another widely popular RPG is GURPS (Generic Universal Role–Playing System) from Steve Jackson Games where one primary set of rules can be used to run scenarios in a multitude of genres. The length of role–playing games can range from a single night, called a session, to a series of sessions over a number of weeks, months or even years called a campaign. Several authors, screen-writers, actors, artists, computer programmers and others attribute a portion of their success to a hobby of RPGs.

We also offer a selection of Collectible Trading Card Games (CTCGs). The first and still the best is Magic: The Gathering, which led the way for Pokemon, Yu­gi­oh, Legend of the Five Rings and many many more. Players buy packs of cards and construct their own decks utilizing whatever strategies and combinations they can create. The possibilities are endless and the games are always exciting. Some CTCGs have international competition circuits and have even been featured on the ESPN2 and G4 cable channels.

There are also several non-collectible, aka "traditional" card games availble. One of the most popular card games is the Munchkin series from Steve Jackson Games, a satirical spoof of every genre from fantasy to space to pirates and even super–spies and super–heroes. Two excellent card games from Atlas Games are Lunch Money and Gloom. Lunch Money is a fast–paced game imitating a school yard fight, and in Gloom players are members in a macabre, gothic family where points are scored by having the family members meet their demise in horrible and humorous tragedies. Easy to learn and fast to play, card games are an excellent alternative to board games.

ATTENTION WARHAMMER 40K FANS:  The Dark Heresy RPG from Fantsay Flight Games is in and it is awesome. However, due to the prolific amount of merchandise available it will be some time before miniature products become available for sale. Some books may become availble, but we would prefer to wait until we are more established and can devote more space and energy to a good selection of minis and supplies. We have full intentions of carrying these products, but for now it is just too impractical.

Our location is currently shared with Outback Adventures canoe & kayak rentals in Tionesta, Forest County, Northwestern Pennsylvania, on the boundary of the Allegheny National Forest, which provides an excellent opportunity for outdoor wilderness LARP (Live–Action Role–Playing). Pack a tent and your foam weapons for some Outback adventuring in either our spacious and forested campground or along the gentle and scenic Allegheny River on an overnight camping excursion, or simply pick up a game to pass some time in your tent, camper or RV.


Local area 6–12 students: Bring your report card in for a special discount off of your total purchase.

Heroic Acheivement Level: QPA 3.0–3.4 gets a 5% discount
Paragon Acheivement Level: QPA 3.5–3.8 gets a 10% discount
Epic Acheivement Level: QPA 3.9–4.0 gets a 15% discount

Recipients will also be listed on the Acadamic Acheivers web page.
Only one discount per term.

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