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Welcome to the products page. Here are highlighted certain games of interest, personal favorites and new releases. Presented in no particular order are some of my games of choice. More will be added as time allows.

Wizards of the Coast are definitely the leaders of the gaming industry. More than 30 years after it's conception, Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular RPG in the world. Originally published by TSR, Inc., Wizards took over for the 3rd edition, and in August of 2008 released the 4th edition of the game. Easy to learn and play, D&D is an excellent introduction to role­playing games and continues to be a favorite among gamers. The 4th edition offers several changes to the previous rules systems creating an almost entirely new game in the process. Old–school gamers and novices alike should both be able to enjoy this classic game.

Magic:  The Gathering was the first of the collectible card game craze, and more than fifteen years later is still the champion. As a Planeswalker, players play cards in order to summon magical energy called "mana" which is used in the summoning of creatures or casting of spells. With thousands of cards available and an average deck size of 60 cards, the possibilites for deck construction are endless.

Wizards also produces several types of miniature games, from D&D to Axis & Allies and even Star Wars™. They offer a fun alternative to RPGs and board games by being a combination of the two.

TCi Zombies WDC Dante
Who doesn't get a thrill from exploding the head of a carniverous re–animated cadaver with a shotgun as it tries to feeds upon your flesh? Experience the fun and terror of a George Romero zombie movie with this hugely popular game from Twilight Creations, Inc.. Numerous expansions can be played by themselves or added onto other sets for even more action.

Twilight Creations, Inc. also publishes several other fun titles, mostly horror–themed. When Darkness Comes is a scenario–based board game, where each game the players have different objectives to accomplish. Dante's Inferno is a fun resource acquisition and management game. All in all, one of my favorite companies for both fun and style.

Mayfair Catan DaVinci
Mayfair games is the publisher of Klaus Teuber's award–winning Settlers of Catan board game and expansions, as well as several card games and train games. Settlers is a fast and fun game of civilization building. Great for children as well, this game is recommended for ages 10 & up.

Leonardo DaVinci is another interesting and fun game. Players position artisans around the city of Florence and attempt to outbid and outbuild the others in a race to construct their inventions for the mayor.

Chaosium CoC RPG
Chaosium, Inc. are the publishers of the Call of Cthulhu RPG, based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and other authors of "Mythos" or"Cthulhu Mythos" fiction. This is a must have for any fan of H.P. Lovecraft, as it details creatures, characters and locations from his stories. A game not centered on combat, players work to investigate mysteries and uncover forbidden secrets. More for experienced gamers than novices, it focuses a lot on story, character and imagination instead of hack–and–slash  "roll"–playing.